Amendment would switch NM to redistricting commission

SANTA FE – A new effort is underway to hand over New Mexico’s post-2020 redistricting process to an independent commission in a push to make Statehouse races more competitive. Republican Sen. Mark Moores of Albuquerque says the current redistricting process, which is led by lawmakers, discourages competitive elections and fosters political apathy as incumbent legislators […]


Here Are Three Top Restaurants In Five Major Cities In New Mexico

With a ton of wonderful cities in New Mexico, it’s going to be fun looking at the top restaurants. For each city I get to, I will give you three restaurants. What cities in New Mexico are you familiar with? Even people who have lived in the state their entire lives likely haven’t visited all […]


How To Attend College In New Mexico

With excellent schools, safe cities, and plenty of things to do and see, New Mexico is a great place to get an education. Regardless of your career aspirations, you can no doubt find a college or university in the state that has the program that you need. You should start by checking out all of […]