Here Are Three Top Restaurants In Five Major Cities In New Mexico

With a ton of wonderful cities in New Mexico, it’s going to be fun looking at the top restaurants. For each city I get to, I will give you three restaurants. What cities in New Mexico are you familiar with? Even people who have lived in the state their entire lives likely haven’t visited all the top cities and the top restaurants for each. That would be quite an accomplishment, and even so, it changes from time to time. It’s time to give it another round, and you get to do it virtually.

Taos is the first featured city in New Mexico, and there are a mere 121 restaurants in this lovely and picturesque part of the state. That means I better be picky with my three choices. The first one would be Bella’s Mexican Grill, and skipping Lambert’s, I would then say two other top rated establishments that look good are 5 Star Burgers and La Cueva Cafe.

Moving on to another city, let’s stop in Rio Rancho, which features two less restaurants than Taos. In Rio Rancho, one of the popular restaurants that looks good is Blake’s Lotaburger. You have to know where to grab a burger. Then there is Joe’s Pasta House and Weck’s. Can you guess which city I’m going to take you to next in New Mexico?

Let’s go to Sante Fe, where there are 556 restaurants. The Sante Fe Bite looks like a good pick, and the green chile cheeseburger looks enormous. That looks like the chief menu item according to the reviews. Two other restaurants that look good are Tune Up Cafe and Rawal’s Raaga.

Ruidoso is the next city in New Mexico that is going to be featured. One restaurant to make note of in that city out of 87 is the Cornerstone Bakery and Cafe Co. Mind you, Ruidoso has some very cute and really nice restaurants. Two more top picks are Hall of Flame Burgers and Village Buttery.

Carlsbad, New Mexico is the next city, and it features 71 restaurants. YellowBrix Restaurant looks really nice, and it is ranked #2 in the city of Carlsbad on a top travel site. Then there is Blue House Bakery and Cafe and Red Chimney Barbecue. Out of all those cities, the restaurants in Ruidoso and Carlsbad appeal to me the most. What do you think? My first stop would be Hall of Flame Burgers.