Mexico Attractions

Interesting New Mexico Attractions From Cities All Over The State

It is time to stop by some more attractions all over the state of New Mexico. It is hard to pick and choose, but you want to keep a diversified list so that you make your way around and see and do different things. Last time we visited several cities in New Mexico and some cool attractions, and I intend to do the same thing with you this time. Let’s see what city and attraction are first up.

Las Cruces, New Mexico is home to one of the top natural atractions, and if you haven’t noticed, that is saying something. So much of the landscape in New Mexico is part of some type of natural attraction. It is a beautiful state for sure, and the attraction in Las Cruces is the Dripping Springs Natural Area. You can find it on Dripping Springs Road, and of course there is a visitors center there as well.

Sante Fe, New Mexico is home to the Palace of the Governors, but this top attraction is probably not what you think it is, as it isn’t what it sounds like for sure. It is located on West Palace Avenue, and there is a history museum there as well as plenty of Native American vendors. Can you imagine how much fun that would be and how many cool souvenirs you could buy?

Do you like to go skiing or snowboarding? There are some places to do that in New Mexico, including Ruidoso. Another top place to go skiing and snowboarding is Angel Fire Resort, which is located on Miller Lane in Angel Fire, New Mexico. You can even go to ski school if you want to according to the reviews.

How does visiting the Lewis Antique Auto and Toy Museum sound to you? It sounds like every man’s dream for getting lost in history for a couple of hours. That museum is located in Moriarty, New Mexico on Highway 66. Sundance Aviation Glider Rides also looks like a neat attraction or thing to do in Moriarty, New Mexico.

We haven’t looked at Cedar Crest, White Oaks and many other cities in New Mexico yet. We will have to get to them another time, but hey, it is always good to have more to look forward to later on. For now, you have some top attractions to check out from the state of New Mexico, and they are spread out all over the place.